Cypris VCypris Volante is an Allegro 27, a long-keeled double-ender cruiser (K25/S335, callsign "SC5136"), based in Hovåshamnen (57° 37,2 N 11° 55, E) near Göteborg, Sweden. Overall length is 8.0m and approximate displacement 3 metric tons. This late example was built in 1980, although the Allegro design stems from the mid-sixties.

For the benefit of anyone who may be contemplating similar practical projects we have endeavoured to make short notes on some of the DIY efforts and limited-budget upgrades we and previous owners have made. Should you find any of the information confusing, incomplete, and/or indeed even useful, please don't hesitate to mail us at cypris@same-domain-name-as-this-page

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Allegro 27 sketch
SVG by MattiasL